Louka Leppard is the founder of Tulamassage & Tulayoga. His primary interests are in the devotional, ceremonial and meditative aspects of touch, in the release of held emotion and trauma through the release of tension in the body and the healing power of tenderness.

Louka was born in 1971 and spent his youth surrounded by nature in the South West of England. He had little understanding or confidence in his physicality, he was a dreamer. His thoughts were often far out and away from his body and the present moment.
On leaving school he trained in the culinary arts after which he went on to study fine art, design and photography at Exeter college. He then went through a meandering series of artistic jobs, projects and countries.

In 1995 his direction and focus began to shift. His mother had always practiced Hatha yoga and through her influence he began practicing himself. This brought him out of his imagination, down to earth and deeply into his body for the first time.
Stretching ignited an interest in all manners of releasing and re-aligning the body as well as the personal liberation and transformation that comes through these practices.
He met and studied massage in London with Janet Jeffreys, combining elements of deep tissue and trigger point within a gentle & rhythmic flow and inspired by the work of Benjamin Marantz and Paul Terrell he began developing and expanding on the idea and practice of supported aerial postures.

In 1997 Louka accompanied his mother through a terminal illness and the final months of her life. Following her death he began practicing Vipassana meditation. This had a profound effect on his perception of receptivity, being and action; his power of observation and his sensitivity to sensation. In the following years he also studied Kundalini yoga with Guru Singh in London and went deeper into Hatha yoga practice while taking a year to travel through India.

In 2000, as a result of assimilating these different disciplines, he founded the technique Tulayoga. He then began working alongside the psycho-corporeal therapist and author Marie Lise Labonte, and for the following 4 years he gave treatments to her students at personal development workshops in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Canada.
During this time he continued to develop his awareness of how the emotions, thoughts, and body react sympathetically and reflect one another.
Louka now resides in Berlin and continues to travel, giving treatments, workshops and trainings of Tulamassage & Tulayoga worldwide.
At present he is working on several books on the subjects of Massage, Tulayoga, sensation and emotion.